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Pune, May 9: With the conscious use of technology, education becomes straightforward, accessible and interesting. Keeping this formula in mind, Dhruva Global School has radically changed the traditional education system from Kindergarten to University level and has now added new technology. As part of the expansion plan of the school, the first school outside the country in Dubai as well as Dhruv Kindergarten classes in Aundh and Baner from this year were announced by School Director of Dhruv Global School Anishka Malpani and Director of Malpani Group Yashovardhan Malpani in a press conference.
Anishka Malpani said, Malpani Group’s Dhruv Global School, known for its innovative educational initiatives, has made many exciting changes in education. In today’s education system, more emphasis is placed on memorizing what is taught rather than thinking creatively. So after changing this method of teaching, now it has been given a unique addition of new technology.
Students should think independently. They should be ready to lead in all spheres of the society while preserving their values ​​and acquiring deep knowledge. Our aim is to create such an educational environment. For this Malpani Group has prepared a plan with the help of experts. According to this, a detailed record will be kept with the help of modern technology as to how each student is progressing in his/her curriculum subjects along with arts, sports or other subjects of interest. With this new software developed for this purpose, each student will get in-depth information analysis not only subject-wise but academically as well. Accordingly, the teacher can teach according to his individual needs.

Yashovardhan Malpani said that Dhruva Global School is planning to start a new school along with starting a new university in the future. We are also willing to partner with those who are doing well in this field to move faster in the coming period and for continuous quality improvement in teaching and learning. The first school outside the country opened this year in Dubai as part of the school’s expansion plan. Also, we are starting new Kindergarten classes from this year in Aundh and Baner area by Dhruva.
Students of Dhruva Global School have won national and international awards in the fields of dance, sports and yoga. This has been noticed by the world’s top universities like California, Boston. Parents are urged to visit the educational complex at Undri and Soos to experience the way Dhruva Global School is experimenting with education.

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