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Pune, February 10: February 14 is celebrated all over the world as Valentine’s Day. It is also widely celebrated in India. In the same vein, Brilliant Day should be celebrated in the country. Wisdom and one’s own existence should be given importance, not just physical appearance and appearance. For this purpose, MIT World Peace University will be celebrating 14th February as ‘Brilliantine Day’ from this year onwards. This information was provided by MIT World Peace University Consultant and Guide Dr. Sanjay Upadhyay gave a press conference.

Dr. Sanjay Upadhyay said that the university has organized a new competition ‘Brilliantine’ in the fields of Indian culture, tradition, mythology, spirituality, religion, yoga, history and other fields. It is an innovative initiative to empower the youth. There will be online essay, quiz, oratory competitions on contemporary subjects like science, politics, sports, movies etc. with different subjects. The entire program will be conducted through MIT WPU’s Department of Peace Studies.

The first winners of the competition will be crowned MIT WPU Peace King and MIT WPU Peace Queen. Gold medal and certificate will be given along with it. From the overall event, four winners, two boys and two girls, will be honored with silver medals and certificates. These six winners will lead MIT WPU’s world peace initiatives. Also, MIT will represent WPU to promote it in other colleges and universities.
Monday, d. February 14 at p.m. 5.30 p.m. The ‘Brilliant Valentine’s Day’ event will be held at MIT World Peace University’s Sant Shri Dnyaneshwar Hall, Kothrud. In this, prizes will be given to the students by the guests. Former Chief Minister Avinash Dharmadhikari will be the chief guest at the function.
The press conference was addressed by the Vice Chancellor of MIT World Peace University, Prof. Dr. RM Chitnis, former Director of Doordarshan, Shri. Dr. Mukesh Sharma, Associate Dean of Peace Studies Milind Patre, Prof. Ashish Patil of Peace Studies, Prof. Mrinmayi Godbole of School of Yoga and student representatives Pranay Karkale and Vaishnavi Bavthankar were present.

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