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Pune: On June 1, 2024, the 87th anniversary of Ayurvidya Magazine was concluded at NIMA Auditorium, Tilak Ayurveda College. On this occasion, the President of the program on the platform. Dr. d. P Puranik, Chief Guest Sakal Media Group Editor Shriram Pawar, Ra. Shi. Board Vice President Dr. B. K. Bhagwat, Secretary Dr. Rajendra Huparikar, Principal of the College, Dr. Saroj Patil, Secretary and Deputy Editor of Ayurvidya Monthly Committee. Dr. Vinaya Dixit, Executive Editor Dr. Apoorva Sangoram was present.
Introduction of the program and welcome of the attendees Executive EditorDone by Dr. Apoorva Sangoram. On this occasion, he reviewed the progress of Ayurvidya Magazine from the establishment of Ayurvidya Magazine to the present changes in Ayurvidya form, all the publications of Ayurvidya and their nature etc.
Introduction and welcome of dignitaries present on the platform for the program By Dr. Mihir Hazranvis. The program was inaugurated by the lighting of Mangaldeep by dignitaries on the platform.
Secretary and Deputy Editor of Ayurvidya Magazine Dr. Vinaya Dixit reviewed the last year’s activities of Ayurvidya magazine. On this occasion, he gave information about the special issue published throughout the year on the occasion of the centenary year of the National Board of Education. Also, he gave detailed information about the Navonmesh published by Ayurvidya on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the Tilak Ayurveda College and the souvenir Shatkonmesh published on the occasion of the centenary year of the National Board of Education.

On this occasion, the publication of the June 2024 special issue of the Ayurvidya magazine, the Chief Guest Hon. Done by Shriram Pawar. Awarded for best article in Ayurvidya magazine. Dr. Subhash Ranade and The prizes awarded by Dr. Sunanda Ranade Foundation were distributed by dignitaries on the platform.
Speaking on the occasion, Shriram Pawar highlighted the importance of Ayurveda and congratulated the institute for publishing Ayurvidya continuously for the last 87 years. This magazine works in combination of traditional Ayurveda and modern research, so it will definitely be useful for students in their research. He expressed the opinion that Ayurveda research should be emphasized in India as well as the research done abroad and wished the Ayurvidya magazine well.
On this occasion, the present members of Ayurvidya Masik Committee were felicitated by the Chairman of the function Dr. Dilip Puranik and Chief Guest Hon’ble Shriram Pawar.
President Dr. d. p. Puranik expressed his satisfaction regarding the establishment of Ayurvidya Magazine Ayurvidya Magazine, Ayurvidya International, etc. He also expressed the view that books can be published by Ayurvidya in the future. At the next anniversary event, the National Board of Education announced that two prizes would be awarded for the best articles in Ayurveda. Dr. Mihir Hazranvis expressed thanks. Dr. Mihir Hazranvis and Dr. Apoorva Sangoram coordinated the program.

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