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Washington:  Tension between Russia and Ukraine can turn into a war at any time. The US has expressed fears that Russia may order an attack on Ukraine at any time. US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan says President Vladimir Putin will order his forces to invade Ukraine in a few days. They believe that the Donbass region of Ukraine is in danger of being snatched after Russia’s attack. The separatists had revolted here in the year 2014. He also expressed the hope that he will continue diplomatic efforts with European allies to avoid this conflict.


Sullivan, speaking on the Fox News Sunday program on Russia-Ukraine tensions, said it could take a few days to a few weeks for Russia to order an attack on Ukraine. At the same time, Russia also has the option of averting this war. He can find a diplomatic way to avoid this. Earlier, the US had said that about 70 percent of the army Russia needed to attack Ukraine has been prepared. According to the US, about one lakh soldiers of Russia are already stationed on its border with Ukraine. They have heavy weapons, which suggests that Russia intends to attack Ukraine strongly. Under this plan, he has organized this gathering on the border.


However, Russia has completely ignored America’s apprehension and said that it has no such intention. At the same time, Russia also says that Ukraine should not make the mistake of going with the NATO organization. Let us tell you that this organization has a total of 30 members including Europe and America. Russia says NATO will not deploy Western weapons near Russia’s border. In view of the tension between Russia and Ukraine, President Joe Biden has also spoken to French President Emmanuel Macron over the phone. Macron has been on a tour of Russia since Monday.

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