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MOSCOW – Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been reversed for seven days
However, Ukraine has not yet been captured. Russia to Ukraine Destruction has begun in many cities. So now The effects of the war are being felt in Russia as well. Strong
Russia invaded Ukraine and annexed it to the United States We had to face the restrictions of the western countries. On Russia
Financial restrictions have been imposed. Of Russian banks Account frozen. So many problems to customers Have to face The Russian currency is larger than the dollar The scale has dropped.

Money is scarce for everyone in Russia, from the rich to the poor
It is floating. Because Western countries on Russian banks The effect of the restrictions imposed is visible. Food Russia’s oil prices have soared The general public is suffering. Rates of the Russian currency The effects of the decline are being felt. So desperate  Out of the ATM to withdraw the stolen Russian citizen The picture of queuing is seen in Russia.


Russia’s central banks are the assets of NATO countries, including the United States
Is frozen. Exclusion of Russia from the World Bank The discussion continues. This led to an economic crisis in Russia Is The United States has said it will block direct investment in Russia
It is said. Russia has so far received 630 billion
The damage has been done. The war cost Russia dearly Is a sign of being. According to the Australian news portal, Sanctions could lead to a major recession in Russia. Big in front of Russia Crisis may arise. So the Russians in a panic Citizens are crowding in front of banks trying to withdraw money.


Before the war in Russia, the price of 75 rubles was 1 dollar. But it has declined because of the war. Now for  dollar 1  People have to pay Rs 113. At the rate of the ruble As food declines, everything from food to fuel Commodity prices have skyrocketed. Upcoming in Russia Unemployment will rise and soon supermarkets The luggage is running out. So the Russian people are essential Amount deposited in banks along with the match Running to remove.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has called for an end to the economic crisis
Measures are planned to deal with it. In the country Restrictions have been placed on sending foreign money to citizens.
In addition, exporters receive 80 per cent of their earnings Orders have been issued to convert it into rubles.Russia’s central bank has raised interest rates from 9.5 percent to 20 percent Percent is done. ‘Ruble stabilizes as interest rates riseCan help but people their
Borrowing for business would be very expensive and so on Russia could face recession
Said American Professor Peter Rutland.


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