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Tennessee, August 19: There are many such incidents (incidents) happening in the world which are shocking to hear. One cannot predict when, where and what will happen in someone’s life. Something similar has happened in Tennessee in America. Here a woman is paying dearly for kissing her boyfriend after visiting him in prison. Because her lover has died because of her kiss.
An incident that happened in Tennessee in America has come to the fore, which has shocked many people. The lover who went to visit the jailed lover kissed him and the lover died. After this incident there was a stir in the prison. In fact, the girlfriend had brought the drugs to give to the boyfriend. The girlfriend would give drugs to her boyfriend on the pretext of kissing by keeping these drugs in her mouth. She was successful in that, but he swallowed all these drugs at once, which led to his death, police said.What exactly happened?
Joshua Brown is being held on a felony charge in a Tennessee prison. His girlfriend Rachel Dollard went to meet him. Rachel kisses Brown in joy at the meeting, and Brown dies shortly thereafter. What came out in the investigation was very shocking. In the mouth of Rachel who comes to meet Brown

Methamphetamine is a drug. Rachel was about to put the drug in Joshua’s mouth during the ‘kiss’. She succeeded in doing so, but this is exactly where it went wrong. She gave Brown a month’s worth of drugs by mouth, which he accidentally swallowed in one go and died.

Hence the death
Brown was said to have died of a drug overdose. In fact, Rachel transferred about 14 grams of the drug into his mouth during the kiss. But he accidentally swallowed the entire drug at once, which became the cause of his death. After the death of the young man, the woman concerned has been arrested on charges of murder. Joshua Brown was serving an 11-year sentence for drug charges. After his death, agents from the Tennessee Department of Corrections took Rachel Dollard into custody and arrested her on charges of drug trafficking and murder. Meanwhile, it has been revealed during the investigation that earlier in February, Rachel gave drugs to Brown on the pretext of meeting her.

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