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New Delhi: SpiceJet’s plane met with an accident on May 1 due to turbulence. Due to the turbulence, 14 passengers on board the Mumbai-Durgapur flight were injured. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), which is investigating the accident, has taken a big action. DGCA suspends SpiceJet’s pilot-in-command license for 6 months.

Accused of ignoring the advice of the co-pilot

According to sources, the DGCA in its investigation found that the pilot had ignored the inputs of the co-pilot. Due to which the passengers became victims of the accident after getting trapped in the tribulation. The co-pilot told the pilot to overtake the clouds and not fly through them, but he ignored the advice.


17 people were injured in the accident

It may be mentioned that on May 1, a SpiceJet plane had met with an accident before landing in West Bengal. 17 people on board were injured as the plane got stuck in turbulence. Among the injured were 14 passengers and three cabin crew members.

195 people were aboard


This matter is related to a SpiceJet flight of May 1. On this day a SpiceJet Boeing B737 took off from Mumbai to Durgapur West Bengal. There were a total of 195 people in the plane, including 2 pilots. The plane was hit by a storm before landing. Due to which the luggage of the passengers started falling on the passengers throughout the plane. Several passengers and 3 crew members were injured in the accident. In the matter, SpiceJet had given information about the entire incident while expressing regret. In view of the seriousness of the situation, the matter was thoroughly investigated and the DGCN gave a notice asking why the landing was done even after the deteriorating situation. In this case the chief pilot’s mistake has come to the fore, the chief pilot ignored the co-pilot’s warning about the weather and made the landing even in deteriorating conditions. This posed a threat to the safety of the passengers.

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