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Guinness World Records: Nowadays people change jobs in different companies. So, there are some people who get their appreciation for their loyalty and hard work by working long hours in only one company. One such woman is Island Nash, a native of Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Nash, 86, has been working as an air hostess at American Airlines for 65 years. Most recently, Nash has been named the world’s longest serving and oldest flight attendant by a Guinness World Record.

Loyalty at work, dedication commendable
Nash’s long-term dedication and commitment to the company is commendable. Nash began her career as an air hostess in 1957. When Nash was 21, she began her career as an air hostess at Eastern Airlines. Later, however, Eastern Airlines became part of American Airlines. Nash is still an employee there.

Favorite Nash ..!
Nash is loved by the staff of American Airlines. She is known for her polite behavior. One passenger said that whenever Nash is on his flight, his journey is always good. Nash got many more job options, but he is happy with this job, as it allows him to come home every night and take care of his disabled child. She wants to work as long as she’s healthy, Nash says. Also Nash says I will keep working as long as I am able.

Set a Guinness World Record
Nash is the world’s oldest air hostess, setting a Guinness World Record for the same company for 65 years. Earlier, Walter Orthman, a 100-year-old Brazilian man, set a Guinness World Record by working for the same company for 84 years and nine days.

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