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Pune:  The National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) Pune Chapter successfully hosted a panel discussion on AI impacting Hospitality, bringing forward a New Era. The event featured esteemed speakers such as Jaytesh Calpakkam (The Internet Generation), Vijayan Parthasarathy (ReserveGo), and Ayush Awasthi from (RenoApp).

The panel discussion aimed to focus on the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on the hospitality industry. It concluded with a consensus on how data and AI are revolutionizing every sector, offering unprecedented efficiency and possibilities. The discussion underscored that AI and data analytics are paramount for comprehending and enhancing customer services. It also emphasized that leveraging data effectively through thorough analysis is a key to unlocking the full potential of AI-enabled solutions in the hospitality sector.
Mr. Praful Chandawarkar, NRAI Pune Chapter Head and Founder and Managing Director of Malaka Spice opined, “The integration of AI in the restaurant and hospitality sector revolves around data. By systematically collecting and managing data from every customer interaction, connections are formed. For instance, analyzing a customer’s food preferences based on their orders allows for the creation of a customized hospitality experience tailored to their needs. Understanding customer behavior, such as preferred visit timings, food choices, and payment methods, enables the development of a more customer-centric system. This data-driven approach not only enhances customer satisfaction but also boosts operational efficiency by optimizing inventory usage and minimizing wastage. In terms of marketing, AI bridges the communication gap between services and customers by delivering relevant data to the right audience. With ample data and AI integration, the hospitality industry can undergo a transformative shift, significantly improving efficiency and service delivery”.
The panelists emphasized how the smart use of data, coupled with artificial intelligence, can aid in customer retention. As the hospitality sector heavily relies on service and experience, accurate data analysis and the appropriate use of AI can simplify the analysis of customer choices and preferences, enabling better services and boosting efficiency.
From personalized customer experiences to streamlined operations, these technologies are revolutionizing how hotels and restaurants operate. This results in enhanced guest satisfaction and loyalty. Moreover, data-driven insights help optimize inventory management, minimize wastage, and improve operational efficiency. Additionally, AI-powered tools aid in marketing efforts by targeting the right audience with personalized promotions and messages, ultimately driving revenue growth.

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