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Doha: 12 people were injured due to turbulence in a Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Dublin, Ireland. Dublin Airport gave this information on Sunday. However, the plane was safely and on time landed at the airport. Dublin Airport said that on Sunday, flight number QR 017, Boeing 787 Dreamliner, was safely landed shortly before 1 pm Dublin time.

During the flight, turbulence was encountered when reaching over Turkey, due to which a total of 12 people, including six passengers and six crew, were injured. The airport confirmed that 8 passengers were taken to the hospital. Qatar Airways said, some passengers and crew members have suffered minor injuries. The matter is a matter of internal investigation. At the same time, Ireland’s National Ambulance Service said that it had received an alert earlier to come to the airport. Dublin Airport said that its team will continue to provide full support to the passengers and airline staff.

Let us tell you that this incident happened when a Singapore Airlines plane coming from London to Singapore was hit by severe turbulence just five days ago. During this, a British citizen died of a heart attack and dozens of people were injured. Passengers described this incident as horrific. The Singapore Airlines flight was forced to land in Bangkok due to heavy turbulence.

According to AP report, at least 22 passengers on the flight suffered spinal injuries, while 6 others including a 2-year-old child suffered head injuries. On Saturday, a Bangkok hospital said that 43 people on board the Singapore Airlines flight are admitted to the hospital.

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